Yog Front Community

Welcome to Yog Front Community. A Community stands for a group of people that care about each other and feel they belong together. In this criteria we have divided community in Five sections.


Yog Front Kutumb

Yog Front Kutumb, is a social platform through which anyone can become a part of this yoga family. The family is officially developed as a pact in the Yog Front and Prime Trace Company. Through this you can exchange health and social knowledge and easily learn about all yoga activities.

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YFO Profiles

Yog Front Profiles is an official profile system of people working delicately in the projects of yoga, developed and hosted by Yog Front. Through which members can create a profile of their own and share it with everyone and also talk to each other. They will also get gifts and cards in profiles.

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Project Body

Yog Front Project Body, Yog Front runs different projects from time to time, and in those projects different organizations, companies, individuals work together. In this way, many people work together in a project and a group of those members is called the project body. Similarly, different projects have different bodies. You can join any project as per your wish.

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The Yog Front franchise is our step towards creating a self-reliant India. Through which we aim to take the business to the new heights in the field of yoga. In this, Yog Front will not only open its registered yogic center, but will also provide its quality products there. This will work on reliability & quality of products and services which will provide employment to yoga professionals. 

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Working Committee

The Yoga Front Working Committee is an excellent level committee to organize all the functions of the Yoga Front. Some strict rules and regulations have been made to join this committee and all the members of this committee work directly under the Governing Committee. This committee is formed under Indian law, so each member of this committee have to follow some rules and regulations. The working member in this committee cannot be a member of the governing body or working committee of any other yogic organization.

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For More Details

For further assistance you may contact us via facebook, Telegram, Support Chat and even from our dedicated Help Desk. We are also available on call during working hours.