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What is membership?

Whenever we talk of membership, we usually get the idea that we are applying to get a service, but in Yog Front it is much more than this.
Membership in Yog Front takes responsibility because Yoga Front is a family and each member is contributing towards the upbringing of this family. Therefore, there is a provision of membership to become a member of this wonderful yogic family.

Why membership fee?

In any work, both money and efforts are required, in the same way, both are needed to run any organization. The amount that is being charged as membership fee will be used to provide your membership ID and other Yog Front services.

Facilities for Members.

Yog Front is currently working on 7 projects in which you will get direct benefits. If you are interested in joining the BEST project of Yog Front, membership will make it easy and convenient for you to join.

Not only this, you will also get a digital high security identity card of the organization which will be linked to your official profile in the organization, and will also give you coupons and other benefits in many services and projects.