The council is a group of people who come together to consult, deliberate, or make decisions. Here in Yog Front Organization we have different departments and different bodies and number of alliances, So Yog Front Council is the body which work collectivly on issues to find out solutions.

Constitution of Council

The priority of the organization has been that whatever work is done, it should be solid and the outcome should be beneficial to all. That's why Yog Front works after considering all its departments, all state boards, all sections and all committees. Our Council is our main desk of our planning. The following are members of our council.

  • Governing Body
  • Central Working Committee
  • State Working Committees
  • Advisory Body
  • Planning Committee 
  • Departmental Bodies
    2. APRAJAY
    3. AYSHA
    4. BAPU
    5. BEST
    6. DIYA
    7. LAW
    8. REACH
    9. REWAT
    10. UDAY


Governing Body

Governing Body The body that has most of the executive leadership responsibilities. This body not only maintains coordination among all the bodies, but also works to complete all the administrative and constitutional works duly. a group of people who formulate the policy and direct the affairs of an institution in partnership with the managers, especially on a voluntary or part-time basis.

Working Committee

Working Committee means a group of people appointed by the Board to manage the activities of the Association under the supervision of a Director. Working committee is a group of people who come together to work on a project. Members of a committee commit their efforts to accomplishing a particular task, which can be anything from throwing a party to ending a war.

Departmental Bodies

There is a special mindset for different tasks and when people of this special mindset are prepared to work together, which is called a department, and the committees of different departments, which work together, are called departmental committees.

Advisory Committee

An advisory board/Committee is a structured and collaborative method for organizations to engage with external advisors. Here in Yog Front Organization we invite both Internal & External Advisor to get get their precious onions on different issues as per their experience.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committees are responsible for the competition's success, staffing, food, direction, correct management, and the excellent supervision, among others. YFO Planning committee is formed with best planners of yogic, education and technical fields.