General Secretary

Elected on February 21st , 2021 

Yogcharyaa Roopa Rawat

Yogacharya Roopa Rawat


Mrs. Roopa Rawat 
G.Secretary Yog Front
Indirapuram, Gaziabad – 201010


Roopa Rawat is a trained and expert in the field of Yoga, she has been an instrumental in spreading benefits and awareness of Yoga.

She is been into this profession post her Diploma in Yoga Science (2015) from Morarji Desai Institute. Her overall experience has made her a skilful / professional Yoga teacher.


In Yoga profession, she is holding one year diploma and Master degree from Morarji Desai National Institute and Uttrakhand Sanskrit University respectively. Her professionalism and perseverance has made her one of the excellent student of Morarji Desai. She has learnt all the Yoga poses and techniques during the course of her education.


Have currently been associated with SanYog Studio since 2020, where she provide Yoga poses, meditation and exercise. She also gives counselling on medical health in form of Yoga and Aayurved.

Had been associated with Greh Kalyan Kender as a Yoga Instructor, where she used to provide Yoga session to the Government employees. Also had conducted yoga classes to minister employees.

Worked with Saraswati Bal Mandir Parisar Aaram Bagh Delhi School as Yoga teacher. She used to taking session on Yoga with students and prepare them for Yoga competitions at Zonal level to put their best efforts in the competition.

Skill Knowledge

  • Possess excellent knowledge about Yoga
  • Creative thinker
  • Leadership
  • Counselor

She had the privilege of conducting yoga sessions for some reputed studios and organizations. Along with this, She had also got a chance to organize yoga seminars in prestigious schools. Talking about other skills, apart from yoga, she have good knowledge of Hindi Language.


Being a responsible person of this institution and society, her goal is to unite every person associated with yoga.

  • To give direction to Yoga teachers by making them self-reliant.
  • Raising voice against injustice being done to yoga teachers.
  • Provide a better and corruption free environment to All Yoga teachers, disciples, lovers.


  • Helped Saraswati Bal Mandir School to win two gold medals in Yoga Competition at zone level.

Message of General Secretary

Roopa Rawat

My salutations to all divine souls,

Before starting anything, I would like to remember the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, with whose blessings I am associated with this wonderful Yog Front family, and today I am doing everything possible for the rights of Yoga teachers.
In my view, Yog Front is the family that beats like a heartbeat in the heart of every qualified Yoga teacher. Somewhere, every culinary yoga teacher has been or wants to be associated with the objectives, strategy and plans of the Yog Front. This is because Yoga Front has been created by all of you together, we are only delivering it.

If we talk about why Yog Front was formed, then I would like to share my experience in this. When the Yog Front Parivar was initially a movement, the Yog Front studied the problems of Yoga teachers, discussed those problems, and after several months of penance for the solution, what came to the fore was the Yog Front Parivar.

Yogacharyaa Roopa Rawat