Law for Yoga

Legislation for Yoga

The logic of making laws for yoga.

Yoga is an ancient subject, the boundaries of which are vast and knowledge is incomparable. But if any knowledge and its credibility is to be saved, then it is very necessary to have some rules and regulations. These laws not only prevent misuse of that knowledge but also help in doing deep study and research in that knowledge. And if we talk about yoga, then the importance of rules and laws has been told in yoga books itself for yoga practice.

To save the ancient yogic science, it is most important to respect it. But it is a matter of great regret that people of Indian origin are engaged in teaching Indians in India by studying and learning from abroad or from foreign institutions, while it is necessary that foreigners should come to the universities of India to study yoga. and gain knowledge. This will increase the identity of India on the one hand, and employment will be generated in India on the other.

You must have seen and felt that many mischievous people often call yoga science as pseudo science and some people also use abusive words to defame it. Like porn yoga, hot yoga, beer yoga, nude yoga, while some people make fun of it by doing yoga on animals, some also make names like skating yoga, biking yoga, stick yoga etc. Due to which the real and cultural yoga, which is also a matter of faith, is made a mockery of it. Therefore, it is very necessary that a law should come in yoga so that yoga cannot be maligned with such names and yoga cannot be portrayed wrongly in TV and cinema, nor any wrong song can be made which hurts the sentiments of yoga teachers.

It is very important to have rules and regulations for conducting research in yoga, then only research in yoga can be assessed correctly. Under which rules, which yogic action was done to whom and whether there was any harm to him, etc., all the information should be collected factually and the research done on the basis of the rules should be included in treatmen, education etc. Otherwise, anyone can harm someone by doing yoga with their mind-boggling things.

It is very important to have law in yoga even for sports opportunities, because the following topics are worth paying attention to in sports

  1. Is that person himself a yoga teacher or is a yoga teacher available?
  2. Have the rules and actions of the game of yoga been checked properly or not, are those asanas which are not easy for anyone, are they not being done?
  3. Is the officer who came for the judgement for the yoga game educated in yoga?
  4. Do yoga players get any gradation  for playing game like other sports?
  5. If the person doing yoga himself is not educated in yoga, then he can also cause physical harm to the children by doing yoga in the wrong way, so both the coach and the teacher who teach yoga to others must be educated in yoga. And for this to happen, a law should be made.
  6.  With transparency policy  no one can cheat yoga players. 
  7. Do we have any dedicated government organization which organises yoga games without the support of private stake holders?

It is being seen today that any person is doing yoga to people without any academic educational qualification in yoga, in which that person neither has experience of human anatomy, nor physical activities nor physicology, then is also giving information treatment without problems to the people thereby having a seen with them. Therefore, it is very important that there should be a law under which yoga teachers educated from UGC recognized universities should be registered according to their educational qualification and only those with higher education can provide yoga services. Only by this can a credibility be provided to public.

On the basis of law, if a person teach wrong yogic practicies and it causes any kind of physical damage to the other person (patient), then it is very necessary to have a law for legal action on him. So, in that way, public safety will be provided.

If a law is made for yoga, then the credibility of yoga will increase and due to which people from abroad will take admission in the universities of India to take education in yoga and this will make India more capable and prosperous at the world level. Which empower our nation. 

Whereas according to the current scenario, India is adopting the Netherlands system for yoga, which is reducing the credibility of yoga. At the same time, yoga is taking the form of business in abroad, due to which Indians are going to learn from foreign companies, which is definitely benefiting  foreign countries not India.