No Rules in AYUSH to act on defaming case

If we look at some aspects, it seems that there is no provision for action, otherwise how can other social media work be done without this provision. That is, work is being done even if there is no provision for doing other work, but when it comes to action, provision is necessary. That means law is necessary. Come on, we are already demanding the law. Just pay attention, is action being taken because of the problems mentioned in the complaint?

Letter to Director Sports Punjab for Gradation of YOga Games.

A request has been forward to Honorable Chief Minister of Punjab, Honorable Sports Minister of Punjab. District Sports Officers to include Yoga in Punjab State Sports Gradation Policy as well as in Kheda Watan Punjab Diyan (A Sports Project by Government of Punjab). In reply of the request chief minister office assigned the matter to Mr. Sarvit Singh who is working on the designation of Special Chief Secretary in department of Sports & Youth Services.

Yog Front Organization asked the Employment Generation Department of the Punjab Government that what policy has been made for Yoga. Government that what policy has been made for Yoga. In the context of which the following points were kept in RTI: –
Please provide information as follow (Point to Point)
1. Are the certificates issued by YCB or or have Diploma, Degree and Ph.D. from UGC approved Universities are acceptable by Government of Punjab in the field of yogic teaching, yogic sports or yogic health


The founder of ‘Yoga Front Sanstha’, Shri Vinay Pushkarna raised his voice for making Yoga law even during the live program of Mann Ki Baat of Minister ‘Shri Narendra Modi’ today. In which not only a written comment was made on the website, but an application was made through an email and a letter, along with the screen shot of the comment, that the law in the field of yoga is very necessary. Please make this law as soon as possible and a draft to make law was also sent through a memory card.

Open Yog Competition Yog Front

Welcome to Yog Front’s Online Open Yog Competition 2021. We are organizing this competition virtual mode as we all know the conditions of world due to Covid 19 Epidemic we are helping to reduce stress and improving immunity and encouraging society to practice yog.

Collaboration with Kalyan Foundation

Yoga is the ancient system of health and wellness of India that have been keeping people calm, fit and healthy for thousands of years.

In the current scenario of Covid-19 when the entire world is facing the fear of death and miseries, yoga has come up to rescue of mankind from anxiety, stress and enhance immunity of the body. Keeping in view We “YOGFRONT” and “KALYAN FOUNDATION” together exist to well-being of people along with the yogic harmony and wisdom and therefore we would grateful to conduct a workshop for humankind in your reputed School / College / Organization.

Yog Front You Create It We Deliver It

The objective of this project is to bring real and transparency in the filed of Yog. For which it is very important to have some rules and laws in this field and project Yog Kanti will work as the background of making and enforcing those laws.