YFO stands for Yog Front Organization which is an organization of Yogic Folks working together to enhance the quality of Yoga and Empower all yoga professionals. So, the world recognized us as best yoga practitioners and with which we can make our nation a World Leader via Yoga.


Well when we talk about the life at Yog Front Organization. Then truly its not so simple not so difficult. Yog Front Organization only needs your truthfulness, dedication. discipline and loyalty. If you are having such qualities then life is very easy and enjoyable  with Yog Front Organization. While if you are joining Yog Front Organization or even any organization or society just for fame, popularity and politics then life is not so easy and simple specially in case of Yog Front Organization. Because we don’t have back door entries but yes we have exit. So anyone joining Yog Front Organization for any motive against our Objectives then please don’t come you can’t survive in YFO environment because to don’t deserve it . .    


We have designed effective department to cover all necessary units/subjects on which an organization need.


Each and Every Department provide some services for upliftment of Yoga Professionals. Our Services are our identity.

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