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मुद्रा, धनदानं दयालुतायाः करुणायाः च प्रतीकम्,
दानिः सः व्यक्तिः यस्मिन् मानवता अवशिष्टा अस्ति।
-साध्वी सरस्वती
शाश्वत उपदेशक

भावार्थ: यह सत्य है कि मुद्रा, धन आदि दान देना दया और करुणा का प्रतीक है, किन्तु दानी केवल वही व्यक्ति है जिसके अन्दर मानवता शेष है। अतः सबको अपने अंदर विध्यमान मानवता को बचाये रखने की हर संभव प्रयास और चेष्ठा करते रहना चाहिए।

Meaning: It is true that donating currency, money etc. is a symbol of kindness and compassion, but the donor is only the person who has humanity left in him. Therefore, everyone should keep making every possible effort and effort to save the humanity present inside them.

Whenever we move ahead for any positive change, many difficulties, obstacles may come in front of us and many helpers come to overcome those difficulties too. There are two types of helpers on this earth, one who donates strength and the other who donates money. Both the charities are very important to bring a positive change in the society. Toilers (Strength Donors) , where giving physical presence, reviews the works and goes ahead to complete all the tasks. On the other hand, a wealthy person cooperates through the valuable money earned by his hard work. And in Yog Front organization, we give a very important place to each and every item acquired through hard work and effort. Because we know that hard work is valuable and how important is the meaning generated from it or the time and energy put into it. That’s why the organization always considers hard work as the mother of its public works.

We don’t want alms without works. We ask for charity only for the welfare of the people, on the basis of our previous works.

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NOTE:- please don’t pay more than 25,000/ Transection/ Day using Google Pay payment system.

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