Complaint to AYUSH Ministry

Complaint to Ayush Ministry

On September 14, the Yoga Front organization placed its complaint before the highest department and ministry of the Indian system of medicine in the country. In which talk was made about the corruption happening in yoga and a request was made to take adequate steps for this.
What has been written on this subject is as follows.

Respected Authorities
We would like to know that Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga is offering BSc. Yoga and other Yoga Degrees and many other Universities are providing Educational Degree in Yoga for example Diploma in Yoga (Secondary Level), Graduation in Yoga (Bachelors Degree), Post Graduation in Yoga (Master Degree), Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga (Bachelors Level), Ph.D in Yoga (Doctorate Degree) there are number of degrees are providing by different universities including Yoga as Arts, Yoga as Science, Yoga as Sports which mean they have all kind of yogic degrees then why Yoga Certification Board started courses, What is the need of these courses? Are these YCB certificate courses are more knowledgeable and worthy than University Degrees ? What is minimum educational qualification needed in yoga to be a member of YCB and different committees of YCB?

We have sent 3 reminders to them even then no one answer on this issue. What it mean ?…. You better know…