Complaint to Department of School Education and Literacy (Higher Education)

Higher Education India

On September 14, the Yoga Front organization placed its complaint before the country’s highest education department (higher education) and the ministry. In which talk was made about the corruption happening in yoga and a request was made to take adequate steps for this.
This is what has been written on this subject.

Respected Authorities,
In New Education Policy you mentioned about Yoga Education two times. But there is no reference about who can eligible for teaching Yoga to school students. What NEP stands for the teachers those have attained Graduation or Post Graduation Degrees in Yoga? Secondly yoga is not only an exercise and not even Ashtang Yoga only. Its much more than these so how and at which level of yoga will be studied in Schools by NEP. Will they get education of Different yoga forms, Different Yoga Techniques more over shall they get education about Morals Values as explained by Maharishi Patanjali and Maharishi Ghernda? Shall they get a practical knowledge about Yamas and Niayamas? Can NEP unit Eat Right India & Yoga Diet and teach students in schools about right cooking and good eating habits and adopt yoga to digest them is healthy way? How yoga has been introduced in NEP? Is it a separate compulsory subject, separate choice subject, part of physical education or separate compulsory subject with choice b/w Yoga and Physical Education?

Communication Details
Sn.Date of ActionActionFromTo
114/09/2022RECEIVED THE GRIEVANCEYouDepartment of Higher Education
223/09/2022REMINDER RECEIVED FROM COMPLAINANTYouDepartment of Higher Education
307/10/2022REMINDER RECEIVED FROM COMPLAINANTYouDepartment of School Education and Literacy


We try to communicate about this matter but no one interested to reply.