A Complaint to Cyber Laws & E-Security MeitY Gov. India

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India

A year ago, an application was made by the Yoga Front organization to the Facebook company to remove the sign of shoes for yoga from its social media. But this was not done by Facebook, so not only Facebook but all social media all come under cyber law and e-security department, due to which Yoga Front organization was informed about this by registering a complaint to the department.
Therefore, this work has been handed over by the department to “V. Chinnasamy” who is a scientist in the department.

facebook Shoes

In the context of this topic, Facebook was already informed that Yoga is not only our cultural heritage but also a matter of our faith. So it is wrong to show it with shoes.

A complaint has been filed under the department of Cyber Laws and E-Security Government of India with registration number MOIAB/E/2022/01911.