Meeting with officials of Ministry of AYUSH at Ayush Bhawan

Today there was a meeting with the officials of Ministry of AYUSH at Ayush Bhawan. Here a detailed discussion was held about the irregularities in the field of Yoga, not only the discussion but also the proposed draft of the Yoga Law was presented.

In this meeting, the founder of the Yoga Front organization and the renowned president of the organization Mr. Roshan Kumar Pathak was also present. 

In this meeting, on the one hand, a discussion was held with the special advisor in the Ministry for the law of Yoga, while on the other hand, the details of the ongoing complaint on the defamation of Yoga were also taken from the media cell of the department and CDN Mr. Waqar Ahmed. At the same time, the Education Department, which has assured to make law in Yoga, was also met to get its information.