Complaints of unethical registration of federations, based on the Sports Act 2011

On 23 September, the Yoga Front organization placed its complaint before the highest sports department and ministry of the country. In which talk was made about the corruption happening in yoga and a request was made to take adequate steps for this.
This is what has been written on this subject.

As per NSDCI 2011 Section 3.3 Annexure II The provision of reorganization to any sports federation is only when the organization have cleared the said requirements like 3 year of registration and 2/3 units in Nation wide. Then National Yogasana Sports Federation which is a society registered under act 1860 how they get recolonization without completing 3year of registration? Without 2/3 Unite in India at the time of registration? How a Private (NGO) organization use Government Building and address to get registration and premises to run such organization? Who given authority latter and no objection certificate for using government property? Who given write to that person to use his designation and power to proceeding an NGO (Private) Organization at government premises? Registration number of NYSF is 1042/2020/5339 in 2020. NYSF is recognized by IYSF under the presidentship of Ram Dev while IYSF is registered in Switzerland denies it. Then they again change this recognization from World Yogasana Sports Federation. Its have again two organizations of same name one is Under Presidentship of Ram Dev and Second is in 31, BHOI MOHALLA, INDORE. So isn’t it a fraud? what action can be taken to such organizations and mismanagement according to National Sports Development Code of India 2011.

Complaint has been sent on 23 Sep 2022 and One reminder has been sent to department to reply on 07/10/2022. But no reply has been sent by department.