Yoga Front Organization reached the district court in the interest of yoga.

Even after making several requests to the government by the ‘Yoga Front Sanstha’ and complaining in different departments, when the government officials did not lose their sleep. So, keeping this matter before the Hon’ble Judge, a petition was given to solve the problems.

While requesting the Honorable Judge by the ‘Yog Front Organization’, detailed information was given along with the documents about the corruption happening in the field of Yoga. This case went to the court of CJM Navdeep Kaur Gill. A committee was formed by Judge Sahiba for this case, in which looking at the documents, it was said that your case is absolutely genuine and on the basis of documents. And you are asking for yoga law in the form of justice in this matter which will be beneficial not only for you but also for the society. On this subject, he transferred the case to the High Court saying that we do not have the authority to give directions to the State Government or to the Central Government. Therefore, this case is forwarded to the High Court, where the judge to be appointed will take a decision after looking at the whole case and can also give directions to the state government according to his decision.