Complaint on Defaming Yoga to DGP Punjab

Punjab Police

For a long time, the faith and sentiments of yoga teachers, yoga students and yoga lovers were being insulted. In view of which a complaint has been filed against Facebook, some other companies as well as those people who are engaged in defaming Yoga. A case has been registered with Case number 43237 to Police on Defaming Yoga. Complaints have been made on all such acts of playing obscene songs on Yoga Kriyas, posting lewd comments or dialogues, wrongly portraying Yoga, pronouncing and writing Yoga by wrong names. Along with this, in this complaint, we request to action against such people who spread wrong concepts about yoga, such as yoga stops height, yoga sports are unnecessary or unprofitable, Yoga is unhealthy etc.

For any further enquiry follow up or to file any new complaint you can write to Mr. Akhil Chaudary (IPS) – (SSP) Sardar Bhagat Singh Nagar on 01823 221023,226039, 226763-F 221022 70874-22221 as information provided by Police Department of Punjab.