GRAU- CM Di Yogashala Scandal?

Punjab CM Scandal

No one is speaking on a very famous Chief Minister Yog Shala job advertisement and related matters. The reason is that yoga teachers are fed up with unemployment and injustice in the yoga sector. Because of which the government has become bent on exploiting yoga teachers. And more than that, which department is running this entire system, it is also not being clarified, nor is the government order passed for appointments and the yoga policy and law being shared.
On this subject, 4 letters have been sent to the Chief Minister, 3 letters to Guru Ravidas Ayurveda University and 5 complaints have been made to the Employment Generation Department, but they are circulating in all the departments. Complaints are forwarded by the Chief Minister’s Office, but further all the complaints get buried, no one answers. Some complaints are policy matter, some complaints are called The staff under the project have been taken on short term contract, and some complaints are not answered at all. This is the reality of the Chief Minister’s Yogashala. If we talk further than this, there has been fraud in the selection process and it is happening even today. The project is being run under Guru Ravidas Ayurveda University but the orders given by UGC are being disobeyed. In Punjab, the Punjabi compulsory law has been set aside. A special person is being given a job without any test and if someone asks a question, then he has also been removed from the job by giving one reason or the other. This is the truth which is not being revealed to the world, and people are down on this job, because there is no employment available anywhere in the yoga sector. But when the above incident happens to someone, he thinks that this job system is against ethics and rules. While Yog Front has lodged several complaints opposing it since the beginning. So it is necessary to know your rights and law. Come join the legal movement of Yog Front and have faith that everyone will get justice, complete justice.

There is no Law / Policy and Diploma Holders are eligible but Graduate / Postgraduate are non eligible. Recruitment is against UGC norms of educational qualification and policies. 

Complaint Ids:- 

  • 0218685 (DRME) – 26/05/23
  • 0225637 (DRME) – 25/06/23
  • 0219795 (DRME) – 01/06/23
  • 0220910 (DRME) – 06/06/23
  • 0220912 (DRME) – 06/06/23
  • 0220952 (DRME) – 06/06/23
  • 0220953 (DRME) – 06/06/23
  • 0220954 (DRME) – 06/06/23
  • 0220955 (DRME) – 06/06/23
  • 0220958 (DRME) – 06/06/23
  • 0234542 (DRME) – 26/07/23
  • 0237732 (DRME) – 04/08/23
  • 0241798 (DRME) – 16/08/23
  • 0186928 (Director Ayurveda)
  • 0182650 (Directorate Health & Family Welfare)
  • 0184287 (Directorate  Health & Family Welfare)

    You can contact the following persons for information on the subject:-
  1. Registrar GRAU:- Mr. Sanjeev Goel (9814165731)
  2. Director DRME :- Mr. Avnish Kumar (9316201888)
  3. Professor (PIO) :- Dr. Akash Deep Aggarwal (Govt. College Patiala) (9815652621)

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